Christmas in Connecticut


Oh, the joy of Christmas! The warmth of love from your family and friends, exchanging gifts, perhaps taking some charitable actions, and oh, the food! Join us this holiday season for a Christmas dinner you and yours will be raving about. The food we serve at Birchwoods is a delicious combination of fresh ingredients and expertly executed cooking techniques by our trained and experienced chefs. Every bite is a savory taste of delight, and we want you to relax this Christmas and let the folks at Birchwoods Banquet Facility take care of dinner for the whole family.

If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, you'll love the view from our restaurant or any of our banquet halls. Overlooking the golf-course, it is quite the site to behold when blanketed in snow. The gorgeous scenery around Birchwoods Banquet Facility in Woodbridge, CT isn't the only attraction to our wonderful facilities. The interior is elegantly decorated and has an inviting feel when guests arrive. The food is full of savory flavors and cocktails are mixed and served to your satisfaction. Enjoy a Christmas snifter or wine with your meal, and we'll help you choose the perfect pairing of food and wine.

Elegance is our game at Birchwoods Banquet Facility, and we can't wait to celebrate this holiday season with our guests in style. To enjoy the finer things in life, make a reservation at our restaurant or contact us about reserving a banquet hall for your family function.

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