Wedding Day Checklist: Bridal Beauty Tips for the Wedding Day

Birchwoods Banquet FacilityIt's a bit of an understatement to say a bride will be busy on her wedding day. Beauty will be something a bride will likely obsess over on this day.

Here are a handful of wedding day beauty tips and reminders that should be helpful:

Don't get too experimental with the makeup. Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with an unfamiliar lipstick color or eyeliner shade. If it comes out wrong, you'll be busy trying to come up with a solution. Plus, you want your family and friends to be able to recognize you.

Think about skin in advance. You'll save yourself time and worry if you start a skin-care routine about six months before your wedding. Stick to the plan and you'll reduce the risk of waking up with a pimple or blemish on the morning of your wedding day.

Humidity is no friend to hair. Are you getting married in the summer? Might there be humidity in the air? If so, you'll want to protect your hair from the frizzies. Try an anti-humidity hair spray.

Stay cool. Hydration is always a good thing and if you think your face is looking tired, splash it with some cool water. It may seem simple, but it can give your face a refreshed, invigorated look.

Fake it. If you want a bit of a glow but want to avoid the sun, opt for a safer approach and apply some self-tanner on the morning of your nuptials. Use just enough to give you a glow, but not so much that you wind up looking orange.

Relax.If your wedding reception hall has a bridal suite, take advantage of the time and space to do that cold water splash and re-apply makeup before your wedding reception.