Wedding Day Checklist: Saving on Your Wedding Flowers

Birchwoods Banquet FacilityPlanning for a wedding and budgeting for a wedding are two very different things. People want to have the perfect wedding while still operating within a budget.

There are plenty of areas where you can save and still have all the things that go into having a great wedding.

One place to save is flowers. Flowers add life, color and a touch of romance to a wedding. However, flowers can also be costly. Think before you buy and you can save money on those flowers.

So how can you save? Here are a few ways:

Timing is everything: Spring and early summer tend to be the heart of the wedding season. June is an especially busy time. This drive up floral costs. You can save some bucks if you choose a wedding in the fall and pick a lesser traditional day for the ceremony, like a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. It's also a good idea to book in advance, several months in advance if possible.

A cheaper flower can still be a great flower: In the hands of a good florist, carnations can be just as beautiful as tulips or roses. And carnations will probably cost a lot less. Plus, florists have techniques they can use that will enhance the color of the flowers. It's also important to remember you'll pay less for "in-season" flowers. Consider going with locally grown in-season flowers.

Take a look at the calendar: If you plan a wedding around Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, expect to pay more for flowers. These are "flower holidays" and means prices will likely be higher.

You can also check with the folks at your wedding reception site for suggestions for floral placements at the reception.