Preparing for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor WeddingOutdoor wedding ceremonies are becoming more popular. They are romantic, and with the right location, you can have a gorgeous backdrop. However, with beauty comes difficulty. There are many things you have to think about and plan for when having an outdoor wedding ceremony. Here are some tips to help you plan your outdoor wedding ceremony:

  1. Make sure your guests are comfortable – Is it going to be hot or cold during your outdoor ceremony? If it is going to be hot, have ushers hand out ice cold bottles of water to keep them cool. You can even print the invitations or programs on fans to allow your guests to fan themselves. If it is going to be very hot and sunny, consider bringing in some tents to provide shade for your guests during the ceremony. Off-season weddings are becoming popular, because you can get great wedding package deals. If it is going to be cold, inform your guests on the invitation to wear extra layers. You can also rent some small portable heaters or give out creative wedding favors that are knit hats, gloves, or blankets.
  2. Outdoor WeddingHave a backup plan – You must have a backup plan when having and outdoor ceremony. The weather can change at any time, and what will you do if it rains? You may want to have the ceremony at a banquet facility that provides both outdoor and indoor options. This way, if the weather should turn bad, you can move the ceremony indoors. One precautionary measure would be to have tents set up just in case it should start to rain.
  3. Plan for wind – One common thing at outdoor ceremonies is wind. The bride should inform her hair stylist that she will be having an outdoor wedding, so they can plan a style that can hold up against the wind.
  4. Will everyone be able to hear? – Some people have their outdoor ceremony at the beach but don't take into account the wind and sound of the crashing waves. In this case, you may want to rent a sound system to amplify the voices of the bride, groom, and official.
  5. Bugs – If your ceremony is outdoors, you might run into some pesky bugs. Set up some citronella candles, so your guests, and you, can concentrate on the ceremony instead of swatting away flies.

It is okay to over-plan when your wedding ceremony is going to be outside. Even though an outdoor ceremony can be a little harder to plan, it will pay off in the end. If you choose the right location, your wedding will have a beautiful setting that you and your guests will never forget.