Wedding Day Checklist: Do You Need a Groom's Suite?

Birchwoods Banquet FacilityBrides aren't the only ones who will be getting ready in style. Grooms deserve to be spoiled, too, and a groom's suite offers first class accommodations for the groom, best man, and his family and friends.

The latest trend in wedding receptions is the groom's suite. A groom's suite offers special comforts and treatment, including a private room with a big screen TV, a bar, and special complimentary refreshments.

Here are the amenities offered at groom's suites at a few facilities:

  • One facility offers an X-box, an iPod docking station, mahogany valet station, slate walls, a shoe shining area, full length wall to wall mirrors, and a giant clock to make sure the groom is ready on time.
  • Another facility offers leather chairs, a mini bar, a grooms shower, a plasma screen TV, and a Wii game system for hanging out with the guys before the ceremony.
  • The groom and groomsmen have their own little sanctuary within a manor at this location. The men can spend time playing foosball, hanging out on a private patio, and taking a few swings on the miniature putting green next to the patio.
  • Speaking of golf, one resort offers grooms special rates for a round of golf before the big day or rehearsal dinner. You can book the round on a championship course for a group of any size, no matter how many groomsmen you have.
  • The groom's room has a comfortable sofa and recliner for catching one last breath before the wedding ceremony begins.

As you can see, just like bridal suites there are a number of accoutrements at these grooms suites that make the occasion extra special for the groom, his best man and the friends who will enjoy the event with him.

Just before he says "I do," the groom will be relaxed and prepared with special comforts and treatment at a groom's suite he and his guests can enjoy. Look online for groom's suites at hotels and wedding banquet facilities. They can be included in wedding packages from hotels and banquet facilities for a reasonable price and sometimes they are offered at no extra charge. They are available at locations around the country and around the world, though not all hotels and banquet facilities offer them.

And remember, when the groom has a suite with so many ways to be entertained, he'll have no problem waiting on his lovely bride before the big moment.