Wedding Day Checklist: How to Choose a Wedding Reception Location

Wedding planning is a whirlwind full of hard-to-make decisions. Between the dress, colors, bridesmaids, guest lists, and budget building, you must find the time to choose your wedding hall. You've heard people say, "It's all about the location," and they're right because the location of your wedding hall is crucial. Here are a few tips to choosing the location of your wedding reception.

Proximity – Are you getting married off location, perhaps at a church? If so, how far away is the reception hall you are considering? The closer in proximity the church is to the wedding hall, the better. Even a 20-minute commute could have guests griping about driving; plus, you need to think about yourself and your wedding party. Your wedding day is a huge event; trust us when we say you're going to be hungry. Unless you don't mind sitting in a limo for an extended amount of time while your stomach grumbles, keep the commuting distance as short as possible.

Style – The location of your wedding hall is going to portray a style from the inside out. If you choose a venue on the beach, it is going to look and feel much different than a venue on a hilltop. Before choosing that perfect venue, make sure you take the style of the wedding hall into consideration. Are you having a very eloquent wedding or is it more on the casual side? Make sure the venue you choose compliments your style.

Commute – If you are having your ceremony as well as your reception at the same location, don't think you're free from worrying about commutes. How far is your venue from your house or from most of your guests? Think about the morning of your wedding day; you'll have a lot to do, so make sure the traveling time from your house to the venue isn't going to be an added stressor. Is the venue hard to find? Did you get lost the first time you went to check it out? If so, your guests are sure to have a hard time finding it, as well. If you want your wedding day to go smoothly and if you want everyone there on time, make sure you take the commute into account.

Location, location, location. Your wedding is a big event, so make sure you choose the best wedding reception hall for you and your guests by paying attention to the proximity, commute, and style of every venue you consider.