Wedding Day Checklist: How to Make the Most Out of a Bridal Suite

Connecticut WeddingWhether you're getting married in Pittsburgh or Bora Bora, your bridal suite will be where you sleep on your first night as a married couple and should be the ideal spot for matrimony and a party for the married couple, friends, and family.

Hotels specializing in bridal suites offer a range of luxuries, from spacious parlors overlooking glorious lakes to poster beds, private pools, sunken Jacuzzis and chocolate strawberries and champagne treats for the couple and guests to enjoy.

What qualifies to make the list of the some of the world's best bridal suites? Ambiance is important, as is privacy. And then there are the bells and whistles that every couple wants, from a huge terrace with breathtaking panoramic views to a private butler, private pool, and a driver.

You can make the most of a bridal suite by planning carefully. Here some ways to arrange a number of room embellishments to make the bridal suite perfect for the married couple:

  • Candles – Candles set an intimate mood and low light can be very calming. Candles are the classic, traditional and the perfect way to set a relaxing ambiance.
  • Picnics – Couples love romantic picnics so you can stock the bridal suite with a loaded picnic basket with wine and cheese, crackers, pita chips, a wine opener, and cheese knife and a classic picnic blanket.
  • Flowers – Flowers are beautiful elements, so get a few boxes of flowers and scatter petals across the floor and on the bed. You can also hang tissue paper flowers from the ceiling.
  • Dessert – A final touching piece on the bridal suite décor is a dessert. It might be a second wedding cake or the chocolate strawberries the hotel offers with its bridal suite accommodations.

Bridal suites are also offered at wedding banquet facilities, with luxury accommodations for brides to prepare to walk down the aisle in privacy, with room for bridesmaids, and are an ideal venue for a wedding party, which can be enhanced by hors d'oeuvres and drinks.

Look online for bridal suites at hotels, resorts, and banquet facilities wherever you plan your wedding, and find one that offers a breathtaking space and the enhancements that will make the joyous daily extra special.

Hotels offer the world's finest bridal suites, while many banquet facilities also offer bridal suites at scenic locations with amenities that can't be beat.