Wedding Day Checklist: Eight Tips for Adding Décor to a Wedding Hall

Birchwoods Banquet FacilityDeciding on how to decorate your wedding hall will depend on what type of wedding you are having, what your budget is, and how elaborate you want the wedding hall to be. The overall décor of the wedding hall creates an ambiance that sets the tone for wedding, so take special care in preparing the facility and work with the directors there to plan the event.

Here are tips for adding décor to a wedding hall:

  1. Decorate the entrance to the venue with statues, indoor fountains, or ice sculptures. A water fountain is a nice addition that provides a refreshing sound and allows guests to relax at the reception.
  2. Set up a sweetheart table for the bride and groom. You can add fairy lights, candles, and petals with a backdrop behind the table with draped fabric and colored lighting. Candles add romance to the wedding hall, and they are inexpensive.
  3. Cover tables with table linens that can be traditional white or colored. You can add table overlays for an elegant look.
  4. Add centerpieces to each table, such as flowers in vases or candles.
  5. Decorate with food. The wedding food and drink menu can add a lot of pizzazz to the day, with huge jars of candy on the dessert bar that add sparkle and trays of farm fresh cheeses and rustic bread that create a rustic tone.
  6. Decorate with feathers. Large feather wreaths can be hung on walls or added to the centerpieces with flowers for an elegant look.
  7. Decorate the cake table with layers of fabric and flower petals.
  8. You can utilize the same floral arrangements at the wedding and reception. The flowers can be used as centerpieces at the reception or can used to decorate other tables including the cake table.

Look online for wedding reception halls that will provide you with the opportunity to decorate the facility to your liking. They will help you plan every aspect or your perfect wedding day, with wedding receptions hosted by professional staffs who serve unforgettable food prepared to excellence with a level of elegance you and your guests will enjoy.

Wedding halls handle everything from engagement parties and bridal showers to rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions and can be designed to add special décor with a personal theme to make the event perfect for the bride and groom, their families, and guests.