Wedding Day Checklist: Setting Up a Wedding Registry

Birchwoods Banquet FacilityThere is no doubt that registering for wedding gifts can be fun. Yet, there also needs to be some thought involved. It’s not all fun and games.

Set up your wedding registry early, soon after your engagement announcement. The early set-up is a courtesy to your potential gift givers, allowing them time to plan and set a budget. Remember, from the time you announce your engagement, family and friends will want to send gifts (well, most will).

Don’t register at just one place, no matter how much you might like a certain store. Choose at least two stores. Three would be even better. Make sure to be clear on where you are registered. If you create a wedding website, that’s a great spot to let people know where you are registered.

Be realistic about what family and friends can afford on a gift. That $500 vacuum cleaner might look awesome (and it probably IS awesome), but know your group. Don’t include items that are too pricey or unrealistic. And remember, you might receive some of these gifts at your actual wedding.

Remember, you should include lots of normal, everyday items than you would:

  1. Like to upgrade because you are still using the stuff you used in college
  2. Have just never gotten around to actually purchasing

Anyway, think about registering for things you really need, rather than things you really want. This means checking off coffee cup sets, everyday dishes and glasses (you and your fiancée can debate the merits of registering for fine china), bedding, bathroom towels, etc. Oh, and maybe a pasta or bread maker (you will never use EITHER of these things).

Happy registering.