Wedding Day Checklist: What About The Wedding Cake?

Birchwoods Banquet FacilityDon't let the wedding cake decision be one of those "Oh, we'll get to it later" wedding planning decisions. Real thought should go into choosing your wedding cake. A pedestrian cake will be forgotten soon after the wedding reception.Don't settle for average. Take the time to choose a cake that stands out in the world of wedding reception desserts.

So how do you pick a cake?

First, know what you want. Do you want a special design? Decide if you want a wedding cake theme (they do exist).

Where do you find a good wedding cake baker? Have you been to recent weddings where you enjoyed the cake? Ask about the baker they used. Word-of-mouth is a reliable way to find a great wedding vendor.

Check out bakeries in your area and start doing some comparison shopping. Shopping around for a wedding cake means getting to sample wedding cake. And most wedding cakes are delicious.

After you do some comparison shopping, and taste a lot of cake, it's time to narrow your wedding cake choices. Talk with the bakers about what you and your future spouse want from your wedding cake. Ask to see a wedding cake portfolio (yes, they also exist).

Give prospective bakers an estimate of how many guests will be at your wedding. This will help the baker decide on an approximate size of the cake and can determine a price estimate.

Don't be afraid to use your imagination. This is the cake that everyone will be looking at on your wedding day. Make it memorable.