Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Facility

Wedding Facility Wallingford

You've been to countless wedding facilities, but you haven't found one that you absolutely love. There's bound to be a facility perfect for your big day, now, but how do you find it? Perhaps the problem isn't that you're too picky; no, perhaps the problem is that you don't know what you're looking for! Keep the following in mind when you're venue shopping. Here are some of the qualities to look for in a wedding facility.

Size – First and foremost, and probably the most important, how big is it? The facility might tell you that they can seat your anticipated number of guests; however, will everyone be comfortable? If you're expecting a larger number, try to imagine all of your friends and family dining and dancing in the space provided… do you think there will be enough room? On the other hand, if you're having a smaller wedding, watch out for large halls that boast their ability to serve large numbers. An oversized room will only make a small party seem even smaller, and you don't want your guests drowning in the empty spaces. Instead, choose a facility that is appropriate for your party.

Vision – Next, ask yourself, "Does this venue complement my vision?" This is incredibly important for two reasons: First, you want to feel comfortable with the facility on the day of your wedding, and second, you want your theme to match flawlessly. If you're going for a classy-themed evening affair, we suggest staying away from garden-centric venues. If you're craving a romantic atmosphere, then perhaps you should avoid the grand ballrooms. If you want a vintage-styled wedding, look for a simpler venue that will yield to your own vintage decorations.

The Package – Consider this, what does the venue include in each package? Some brides want full control and are excited about making each and every decision. If this sounds like you and you can't wait to pick your florist, table decorations, linens, and centerpieces, focus on facilities that have very basic packages. On the other hand, if you're the type of bride who gets easily overwhelmed and doesn't already know the details of her perfect day, choose a venue that is going to supply everything for you. Some facilities will include linens, napkins, place cards, cake options, and centerpieces in their price. If you're overwhelmed with all the choices you need to make, perhaps a venue that already has choices narrowed down is best.