Wedding Day Checklist: Grooms

Just like the bride, the groom will have a lot on his mind the day of the wedding. The bride is also not the only one who needs a list to make sure everything they need is ready for the wedding. The groom should have his own list of items he needs or may need. The morning of the wedding can be very hectic, and all of the groomsmen will be preparing, too. At the Birchwoods Banquet Facility, we have come up with a list of things a groom should have on his special day.

  1. Vows- If you have written your vows, DO NOT forget them. Even if you memorized them, it is a good idea to bring them anyway, just in case you freeze up during crunch time.
  2. Aspirin- It is going to be a long and stressful day, but also the best day of your life. Some aspirin can relieve a surprise headache.
  3. Extra Shirt- You never know when a spill or rip might happen. A back up shirt can be a life saver.
  4. Extra Tie- Another tie or bow tie can save you some stress if something should happen to the one you have on.
  5. Extra Cuff Links- You may drop one, lose one, or break one. Some spare cuff links are always a good idea.
  6. Cash- You never know when you might need a few bucks for a tip or something else.
  7. Cell Phone- For emergencies, just in case you need to call someone in the wedding party, or get a hold of someone at the wedding facility.
  8. Important Telephone Numbers- No one memorizes numbers these days. Just in case your cell dies, it is good to have a list of important numbers, like wedding planner, limo driver, best man, mother of the bride, and wedding facility.
  9. Boutonniere- Usually you receive this at the venue, but if not, do not leave it at home.
  10. Sewing Kit- Just in case a small rip or tear needs some last-minute fixing.
  11. Snacks- A few snacks will keep you and the groomsmen from going hungry before the reception. Not a bad idea to have an energy drink handy in case you are a little tired, because you didn't get much sleep the night before.
  12. Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss- Show off those pearly whites in pictures and to your bride. You do not want to have anything stuck in your teeth, so, after a snack, be sure to brush and floss.
  13. Directions- Just in case the limo driver gets lost on the way to the church or venue.
  14. Comb and Gel- Just in case you need some last minute hair touch ups.
  15. Deodorant- Especially if it is the summertime, you are going to sweat, and some extra deodorant will keep you smelling fresh.
  16. Shoe Insoles- You may want to place them in your shoes, as you will be on your feet all day long.
  17. Cologne- A few squirts will keep you smelling great when your bride comes down the aisle.
  18. Watch- Do not lose track of time! Your bride will kill you if you are late, so use your watch to keep everyone on schedule.
  19. Water- Keep hydrated, as it will be a long day and you will need to stay hydrated.
  20. Lint Brush- Just to get those annoying fuzzies and dust off you quickly and easily.
  21. Extra Socks- An extra pair of black socks are a great idea, just in case the ones you start with get sweaty. There is no better feeling than a fresh pair of socks.
  22. Wedding Documents- You might want to have your marriage license or other important documents on you.

Feel free to add anything else you may need to our list. At Birchwoods Banquet Facility, we would love to host your wedding or reception. We have a great groom's suite for the guys to get ready for the big day. We also offer many wedding packages that feature our three amazing banquet halls and beautiful grounds. To find out more about having a wedding at Birchwoods Banquet Facility, visit our website or call us at (203) 389-5555.